Where We Are Now

Is there a road that DOESN'T lead to Civil War?

Current status: Unlikely to be able to avoid.

Like many people, the current social/political climate leaves me very uneasy. The Baby Boomers, together with their slightly older allies, the War Babies, have just about thoroughly screwed up America.

They took a functioning society with opportunity for the average person, and made it a Living Hell for most.

“Oh, but, WE stopped Racism!”

No, you didn’t. It was on it’s way out, long before you were born. No, it wasn’t completely gone. The DEMOCRATS that had political control of the South kept it going, long after the Civil War and Reconstruction were over. They didn’t suddenly have a change of heart, and think, “I REALLY LOVE Black people.”

No, they just saw this as another way to exert control over their lives (and, the lives of the poorer members of the White population), with Black representatives being used to enforce the Elites’ directives.

Same old, same old.

But, with the addition of a destroyed Black family structure, and removal of the Black Elite from being forced to live with the rest of them. The Elite added in Black members, and thereby cut them away from identification with Black Culture and Society. I hope the bribe was worth the price they paid for it.

We’ve reached the point where talk of Civil War, or, at least, splitting up, is getting to be common, no longer unthinkable. The actions of China in helping that to occur are obvious, except to those who refuse to see them. Dystopian fiction is rife with themes of a Post-USA land. Preparation for the expected problems with that split have caused purchases for guns, ammo, food, and a relatively safe housing situation to skyrocket.

Don’t pay attention to what you read in the media; pay attention to what people are willing to put their OWN cash down on.

But, it’s CHRISTMAS!

Well, yes it is. And, in my personal life, I have been shopping, wrapping, mailing, cleaning, and preparing for that day (and ALL the days surrounding the season).

So, amidst the chaos and conspiracy, let’s enjoy the time we’ve dedicated to the celebration of Christ’s birth, and the promise that held for us all.

Then, get right back to the work of preparing for a worst-case scenario. Because, don’t forget, our enemies will not be celebrating this Christian holiday (enemies both foreign and domestic).

So, if needed, be ready to grab your gun and skip the dinner.

And, remember - even a Weak China is deadly.

Merry Christmas!