Thursday' EMR

Early Morning Roundup

The first link I have is to a gem - Ornery Dragon explains that much of the perplexing, over-the-top rhetoric comes from psychological projection - and gives sufficient examples that he makes his case handily.

Lest we forget - here’s a link to the text of the 2nd Impeachment, in pdf format. Keep it - I have a feeling that the exact charges will be twisted over time, and we want to have a record.

For perspective, here’s the text of the actual words used by Trump in that ‘troubling’ speech. I don’t see the incitement; see for yourself if it meets the stated level of cause.

As usual, download the actual text, and keep a copy - in this e-world, truth has a habit of morphing into ‘kinda-truth’ real quickly.

Keep on eye on this college investigation - in time, it will also drop down the Memory Hole.

All of the “not-shady-at-ALL” Obama cronies are crawling out of the woodwork. And, just as a side-note, what the hell is it with so many of the Leftist women/Almost-Women? They seem to be as deliberately unfeminine as a Soviet Party bureaucrat.

I do love these stories, showing that - far from being ‘dumb hicks’ - West Virginians have some of the shrewdest and most practical leaders in the country. Well done, WV!

Oh, and did I mention that the Governor of WV, Justice, is a former Democrat, who switched to Republican, and won re-election?

Despite no incidents by “right-wing terrorists” during the Inauguration of the FICUS (Fraud in Chief of the United States) and his Usurper-Mate, the Washington Elite remain suspicious and watchful. They even made the troops protecting them undergo rigorous questioning to see if they held "Double Plus Un-Good” opinions.

This report from Politico shows the extent to which the FICUS has to be propped up in a pot, and copiously watered.

You know, back in the day, Communists - whether in the Soviet Union, China, or Cuba - used to have aging figureheads propped up for photos, occasionally trotted out for a few careful remarks, and then returned to their quarters. All that for show, while the REAL rulers - those anonymous staffers in the background - ran the whole thing.

We have that, now - in Congress, the Senate, the judiciary, and, now, the Presidency. It’s not a good system, nor does it give transperancy to decision-making. No matter how you view Trump, he was the guy making the ultimate decisions, not some shadowy figure.