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Early Morning Report

(This started Friday - I got sidetracked by the detritus of life, and never published. I’ll be adding to it - briefly - then publishing). I’m up - a little later today, Praise God! I feel better, more refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

This is a sensitive piece on those two young lawyers who started a Molotov Cocktail spree during the Leftist riots of NYC. When I say “sensitive”, I really do mean it. The article is not excusing the serious of the crime, but pointing out that the actions they engaged in were uncharacteristic of the other parts of their lives.

That’s not uncommon; many would-be revolutionaries seem to cross over from concern to action at a point of personal crisis. That seems to have been the case here. Both had experienced loss of close family members at a young age; one had been furloughed during the COVID shutdowns. Perhaps they just lacked the personal resilience to manage their change in circumstances without blaming others and lashing out at a society that would allow them to suffer.

Loss and suffering come to all of us. The under-40s - particularly those not married - seem to lack the ability to handle those crises in an adult way.

Speaking of non-resilient people, Biden is already complaining about the questions he’s being asked by the press. Too bad, so sad - let’s grab the popcorn, and enjoy the shit-show!

I suspect that many in the news will be expressing their frustration at the Biden-Harris administration. My personal prediction is that Harris will go out of her way to be Miss Congeniality, and grease the steps for Biden’s early retirement.

Women have many wonderful characteristics - but, one of them is NOT treating theri enemies kindly. Mark my words, WOMYN will lead the charge to put all NLD (Non-Leftist Dissent) violators into the American Gulag.

Fortunately, the WOMYN will likely soon be in a cage match fight for Top Doggete status. The resulting demonization should take their minds off the rest of us.

Remember, the FIRST victims of any Purge are always the closely allied enemies, not their ideological opposites.

If we want to get back to a healthy politic, everyone needs to learn this mantra — the best cure for bad speech is more and better speech. Those who work in the First Amendment industry shouldn’t have to be reminded of it. But also, those on the Right who cheered on the attempts to demolish small-R republican institutions, like state sovereignty in elections and proper constitutional restraint on Congress and the executive, should learn a lesson about how nihilistic populism will always backfire on conservatives.

The Biden-Harris administration MIGHT not turn out just like the Militant Left expected.

By the media’s standards, Joe Biden tear-gassed peaceful protesters. Where’s the outrage?

Perhaps the Paid News Model will never be all that objective. For prespective, remember the the earliest ‘newspapers’ in America were HIGHLY partisan and filled with blatant opinion. That stayed the norm for many years. Only in the early TV era were many news outlets even pretending to be objective.

There aren’t many journalists like this one, who would walk away from a postion that paid well, but hobbled his reporting to meet their agenda.

All of which makes the unpaid/poorly paid blogs the least biased news source in town (and, many aren’t all that unbiased). So, how can you get a fair picture of a story?

Read from a variety of positions - Left, Right, Centrist. Religious/Non. Local/National/International. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

MILITANT LIBERTARIANS? RUFKM? It’s hard to think of a DUMBER Leftist statement. And, there’s been a lot of competition lately.

Saturday, 1/23/2021

If you can free up a few bucks for this guy, it would be great. The Man Who Turned Over the Biden Laptop - Because it Held Evidence of CRIMES - has lost his business, had to re-locate, and is just one more guy that the Leftists are working overtime to destroy. The link to the Donation Page is in the story.

Why we should NOT waste our time or energy pretending to wish Biden success. Look, I have no hopes for a shortened lifespan - the fact that the unscrupulous and shark-like Commie-La is standing behind him should give us all the willies - but, no, I don’t want him to succeed in his agenda.

His Leftist backers have learned from the Trump administration - they will not just sign executive orders, and ignore their very unpopular agenda in Congress. They learned that what one president can impose through executive order, another can UN-impose through the same means.

They are working to make it impossible to make changes to the Dem platform - ever.

This time, they are working on finding ways to superglue those orders, for ALL time. I haven’t seen the exact mechanism by which they aim to ‘codify’ abortion, but I’ll keep an eye out for more details.


That’s the cornerstone of the plan. Sometimes, I say, “Why is THAT the hill to die on?”

Why is abortion so foundational? I mean, there are BC pills, LARC (Long Acting Reproductive Control - what some call BC implants), and the so-called Morning After pills (yes, many consider that means just another form of abortion). All have dropped in price, all are well within the means of women to manage to purchase. Why does the Left push so hard for abortion?

I think it’s because, without that issue, women couldn’t be so easily herded into the Democratic corral.

If they couldn’t use that issue to demonize men, particularly Conservative men, the biggest part of the support of the Democratic party would collapse overnight.

The NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents) have already chipped away at many of the former pillars of Dem support:

  • Unions - not only are fewer people working in industries dominated by them, support for them has diminished.

  • Church/Temple attendees - those who declare a religious mindset are MUCH less likely to vote Democrat.

  • Young people - other than those who are in Elite colleges, support is lacking, more so every year.

  • Black people - it started this year with a substantial drop in Black Male Voters, but the snowball has been formed and is rolling - the avalanche is on the way.

  • Hispanics - they are, apparently, NOT a good source of Dem votes. Again, as with Blacks, it’s starting as a trickle, but the flood is on the way.

  • College students - not only are those attending virtually less likely to swing Left, but fewer are signing up for a 4-year hitch. Their biggest use was to provide bodies for riots, protests, and rallies. Thanks to COVID, they can’t even do that in numbers large enough to make much of a difference.

If the Dems lose women, it’s over.