Revolutionary Reading 12/26/20

Darkness at Noon,

It’s been on my Must Read List forever; yesterday, I checked on it, and there was a copy available at my library in e-format.

(Have you tried Library Extension? It’s an add-on to Chrome/Chromium, that checks a book selection in Amazon, and lets you know if a copy is available to you.)

I’ve been reading it since this morning; it’s the sort of book that has you stopping and starting often. You read for a while, then close it, and reflect on similarities in your time and place. Then, resolved, you open the book again.

Most recently, in Chapter 2, I found a reference to a time in the Soviet Union, when the agronomists were debating whether nitrogen or potassium was the necessary nutrient for optimal plant growth (when, in fact, it is BOTH). He discussed the situation with scientists on either side, and the implications of that choice for their careers/life.

History has taught us that it must be served more frequently with lies that with the truth, because its human material is by nature sluggish; before every new stage of development the people must first be led through the wilderness for forty years - driven on with threats and enticements, with false frights and feigned consolation, so that they do not stop to rest and entertain themselves with the worship of golden calves.

Perhaps that is why we are being subjected to the destruction of our economy, our legal and political structure, and our very lives? Lest we entertain ourselves with ‘worship of golden calves’?

I’ll continue updating my review as I get further into the book.