I'm Starting a New Daily Post

Call it Early Morning Roundup - EMR

I’ve decided to make use of a quirk of mine. I often wake quite early (sometimes, I return to bed for a few more hours, often I just stay up).

As a result, I’m often first on the scene when blogs drop their scheduled updates.

So, I’m going to put some links below the EMR everyday, with a brief explanation of what caught my eye.

This seems like some excellent advice for the Newly Disenfranchised. This is NOT th time to storm the streets, but to use people’s dissatisfaction as a means of developing a clutch of local allies.

Something to forward to those friends on the ledge - relax, the Dems are likely to screw up royally, and in the process, grow our ranks. Americans are generally NOT compliant to authority - have you seen the response to speed limit signs? We may be generally easy-going and pleasant, but don’t try to muscle us into obedience. We tend to respond with our own muscle. Which means that the New Overlords, not understanding the difference between Free Person and Serf, will likely flex their scrawny arms at every opportunity.

That should be fun to watch. I predict a BOOM in Dissident Videos.

I’m not so certain this is a mistake - jettisoning the “GOP-but-really-just-like-the-Dems” party, who sabatogued the President at every opportunity, may be necessary. This would also enable those citizens who don’t currently identify as GOP a fresh party to join, that doesn’t have all the baggage of the current party.

Last, we could cut the support from the largely non-helpful Friends-of-the-Mighty officeholders that current populate the party. See how many of them get re-elected in the future. We should work overtime to vet any would-be candidate for financial ties or sleazy backgrounds.

The imp in me likes to envision another ‘army’, one that works overtime to screw up any reporting with false evidence, exaggerated claims, and other reports that snarl up that reporting system. Sow suspicion among the Faithful Leftists; make them twitchy and ready to pull the trigger on their allies.

That should be fun. I’m ALL about fun.

I’m hoping that Sabo, the artist, makes this feckless face as iconic as the Obama poster.

Rumor is that he was released from custody. Who wants to set up the Dead Pool on when his “self-inflicted wound” proves fatal?

Some guys are still hanging in there, telling truth to Would-Be Power, and setting the record straight. Pity the MSM will not put that in their feed. It really makes their situation clear, to think they so eagerly sought massive firepower against their ideological opponents.

Take them seriously - they are frightened, and scared people are especially dangerous.

Now, there's a special problem related to that from a threat standpoint in a Democratic constitutional republic. At the same time, where was this concern for the rest of America?” Cuccinelli said.

“But when their own butt was on the line, all of a sudden they want every troop and soldier they can find to protect them. We're perfectly happy to contribute to keeping them safe. That's our goal and our job but not at the sacrifice of the rest of America,” he said. 

“Congressmen aren’t more important than any other American, and everyone in this country should be kept safe and that's what the Department of Homeland Security has endeavored to do through this entire difficult year,” Cuccinelli added.

I agree with this, which is why I’ve always been befuddled by the constant accusation that their opponents are “Fascists”. Project much, Pelosi?

Listen, be careful - they are twitchy, and it won’t take much for this all to get to a Hot War. Make no mistake - THEY will start the bullets flying. Then, use their full control over the media to send out the opposite message. In their re-telling, it will be US who fired the first shots.

So, stay out of crowds. This is a time for QUIET, and very small, gatherings. Shore up your personal defenses at home. Make sure that you’re provisioned for a month or two of no access to food, money, or other supplies. Preppers should have little problem with this - they’ve been preparing for this for years.

But, take care of your own. And, warn your family that their Progressive relatives are NOT going to be part of that group.

I’m not in favor of deifying any person - but Trump earned recognition for his accomplishments, the most important is showing that the decay of America was inflicted by Washington, and a very deliberate series of acts.

This is NOT the day to watch TV, unless you’re a masochist. I’ve been working on other things, and will likely get out of the house later, to grab a cup of coffee, and just think (my husband will likely have the whole thing on all day).

Be of Good Cheer. The up side of all this is, the Uncommitted and Unaware are going to get a ringside seat at the show, and it’s gonna be an eye-opener!