Airbrushing History

Harvard Petitioned to De-Award Degrees of NLD Grads

The NLDs - the Non-Leftist Dissidents - are about to become Non-Educated.

That is, if the snippy petition of Harvard students takes effect.

In a stunningly unaware move, Leftist students at Harvard are poised to revoke the awarded degrees of some prominent NLDs, including Sen. Ted Cruz, WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

That such an action may not be legally possible (once a degree is awarded, other than for fraudulent actions on the part of the former student that enabled them to claim a degree, once graduated, you’re forever a graduate) will not stop their petulant and spiteful action.

It’s the equivalent of blackballing a pledge, because he/she is “not one of us”. Just NOKD (Not Our Kind, Dear). It’s a distasteful job, sweetie, but the Elite really MUST hold the line, and keep those - dreadful SAVAGES from polluting our Sacred Institutions with their dreary plebian values and opinions.


Forgive my snark. I’m tired - DEEPLY tired. This interim has been exhausting.

Barring a God-sent miracle, Biden and Harris will be sworn in tomorrow. They have already sent out plans to shut down Keystone (making us dependent on Mideast Oil), ban guns (perhaps not ALL of them, but as many as they think they can manage to push past the public), push past sufficient legislation giving away “free” money to their allies/cronies to completely put us in hock to China - forever, and, oh, yeah, use the power of the federal government to put any resisters in jail - or, even easier, manage to kill them during arrest for ‘resisting’.

All perfectly legal, if unconstitutional. Not that such things worry them.