A Way to Work Around the Female Fascists?

Using tax rules to bring down useless Fem-Jobs

I was reading this entertaining article about Gyno-Fascism, and had a thought.

What if, rather than trying to openly oppose the FemFascists, we used sneaky means to do an end-run around their ubiquitous and omnipresent control?

  1. Use the tax code to make their employment costly, rather than just another way to reduce eventual taxes? The vast majority of Elite women are in staff positions, whether HR, Administration, or PR/Marketing. They bring in no money; they cost the organization money (a LOT of it).

  2. Provide tax breaks for businesses and other entities out-sourcing the jobs? That would put more pressure on the Diversity Nags to be less intrusive and dictatorial. After all, we could always go with a firm with a more - reasoned - way of looking at the regulation/situation.

  3. For public organizations, you can’t do much at the local level (Ms. I’m-So-Important has many friends and allies who will show to support her, and eviscerate that Meany who wants to eliminate her position). However, at both the state and federal level, it’s more than possible to write a new set of rules, limiting, for example, non-teaching staff to a miniscule percentage of the budget. In NGOs, those not providing DIRECT service are a drag on resources; make a rule for an upper limit on percentage of the budget they can take up - higher, and they will lose state/federal funding, and - if it continues - their tax-exempt status. Don’t just change the regulation, encode it in legislation, thereby making it harder to change back.

It’s a shame that MOST of those in actual line jobs (those that directly contribute to the income of that company) are forced to leave their cave and interact with others, taking risks of infection, while, OTOH, MOST of those in staff positions are able to telecommute, or even just stay home - without losing any income at all!

That inequity needs to be addressed. Both in private industry and in government, those who aren’t actively contributing to the core functions of the organizations need to face it, take a pay cut, or even have their job eliminated. In a world with the makers (those that contribute to the GNP) and the takers (those who ‘job’ is a DRAG on the GNP), those whose work has a good effect on the economic health of the nation need to see the greatest benefits.