A Life Redeemed by Faith

And, some timely substance rehab

But, the faith part is critical.

Many alcoholics remain stanchly anti-religion. The archetype is the fictional Mom, played by Allison Janney, who regularly criticizes the pro-God aspects of AA’s structure.

Oh, yeah, I know it’s TECHNICALLY a “Higher Power”, but - come on, Man! (as Joe Biden has made his mantra). God is what is called for, and, no matter what the modern phrasing is, God is what this Power is.

Few know it, but the AA program came out of a religious experience that Bill W. had while drying out from his drinking bouts. He was in a sanitorium at the time, and had been visited by a friend who’d been influenced in his spiritual life by The Oxford Group.

At that time, the Oxford Group was a strong force in Europe. Their Four Principles directly affected the AA organization:

To be spiritually reborn, the Oxford Group advocated four practices set out below:[11]:

  1. The sharing of our sins and temptations with another Christian.

  2. Surrender our life past, present and future, into God's keeping and direction.

  3. Restitution to all whom we have wronged directly or indirectly.

  4. Listening for God's guidance, and carrying it out.

Bill W. initially worked to help drunks put those principles into practice, with mixed results. What really made AA what it is today is when he teamed up with another main, Dr. Bob (a real doctor in Akron), and added in the principle of meeting and talking to another person who was also struggling with drinking.

A Biden-Harris administration would make plain the Leftist antagonism to religious observance or belief. For their most fervent supporters, Faith is to be strictly left inside the building. Any expression in public must follow God-Lite restrictions (you can sort of TALK of God in vague terms, but better not actually put that Faith into practice in the secular arena).

No Separation of Church and State - the government MAY, in fact, WILL, tell believers just what aspects of life they MAY comment on (those that agree with the Leftist agenda), and what aspects they are FORBIDDEN to discuss (abortion, euthanasia, the Bible, 10 Commandments, etc.).

No right to raise a child in the family’s faith, unless they agree to avoid inconvenient doctrine such as marriage, the immutability of sex/gender, chastity in the unmarried, gay unions, crime and punishment (unless they want NO person imprisoned for ANY crime), and the position of God above State.

No right to teach their children principles that differ from established Leftist doctrine.